Actors bae suzy and lee dong


Suzy và Lee Dong-wook are some of the most popular Korean actors out there in the Korean entertainment industry. Their popularity and fan base are not only limited to lớn South Korea, they are known for their incredible acting talent worldwide. Lee Dong-wook gave us his current dose of incredible acting skills with the amazing male gumiho act as Lee Yeon in the drama titled “Nine-tailed”. While Suzy proved again her amazing acting skills with her role as an entrepreneur named Seo Dal-min in the Korean drama titled “Start-Up”. Both of them left the audience and truyền thông stunned with their fantastic roleplay & performance.

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They are again in headlines và gossips. But this time the reason is not their hard-working skills or amazing performance. They have stolen the limelight with their dating rumors floating around. A TV Report revealed that the pair are dating though they were only colleagues at first. Though, things took a different turn when their relationship became something more than just a business relationship.

Suzy và Lee Dong-wook are the talks all over social media. We are here khổng lồ tell you about the same & to find out the truth hidden beneath the layers of these rumors.

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Suzy and Lee Dong-wook: Are they dating?

With all the rumors going around, Suzy và Lee Dong-wook came forward lớn confirm those dating assumptions floating around. Their relationship became official on 9th March 2018. Though, due lớn the media pressure & all the pictures bugging around the internet, their agencies rushed khổng lồ make things official.

And, due khổng lồ this rushed behavior of them, their relationship broke apart just after four months. The two South Korean actors ended their relationship as confirmed by their agencies.

The news came out on 2nd July when JYP Entertainment under which Suzy operates released a statement that, “It’s true (Suzy) has uneven her relationship with Lee Dong-wook. Because their schedules are tight, it’s difficult for them to fulfill, & naturally, they finally separated.”

The internet was on fire after the revelation and the statement by Lee Dong-wook’s agency, King Kong by Starship only added more fuel to lớn it. They stated, “Lee Dong-wook & Suzy have separated. The 2 decided to lớn separate up thanks khổng lồ their increasingly tight schedule.”


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