Este lauder advanced night repair synchronized recovery complex

Fast Visible Repair & Youth-Generating Power.Experience the next generation of our revolutionary formula—the most comprehensive Advanced Night Repair serum ever.

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Patented until 2033.Now with Chronolux™ nguồn Signal Technology, this deep- & fast-penetrating face serum reduces the look of multiple signs of aging caused by the environmental assaults of modern life. Skin looks smoother & less lined, younger, more radiant và even toned.ONE DROPPER Skin looks radiant và plumped with hydration—all the way through till morning.8-hour anti-oxidant power.72-hour hydration (includes Hyaluronic Acid).Strengthens skin barrier in just 4 hours.Oil-free texture.THREE WEEKS Lines and wrinkles appear reduced.88% of women said skin looked more youthful.(1)ONE BOTTLE(2) Skin feels firmer. 89% of women agreed.(1)Skin looks healthy, has a new bounce & vitality.Plus, over time, pores look diminished.THE #1 SERUM IN THE U.S.*Proven effective for all skintones. This is the high performance face serum beautiful skin can’t live without.Advanced Night Repair harnesses the restorative nguồn of night to lớn deliver visible renewal. It works night and day khổng lồ help skin maximize its overall natural rhythm of repair and protection.EVERY NIGHTWhile you sleep, it helps ignite skin’s natural nightly repair process. Fast.

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A high cấp độ of Hyaluronic Acid helps lock in moisture for 72 hours. This helps create the perfect environment to lớn optimize skin’s natural repair process.Our exclusive Chronolux™ power nguồn Signal công nghệ helps increase skin’s natural repair ability for visible renewal and firming.EVERY DAYDuring the day, this serum helps protect skin from environmental assaults­—a key part of skin’s own daily rhythm. Helps defend skin against the visible effects of không tính phí radical damage from environmental sources lượt thích pollution, ozone, xanh light, infrared & micro dust. Provides 8-hour anti-oxidant protection khổng lồ provide all-day defense against environmental assaults, và help keep skin looking younger, longer.*Source: The NPD Group, Inc. / U.S. Prestige Beauty Total Department/Specialty, Face & toàn thân Skincare hàng hóa Layer Unit Sales, 12 months ending August 2021.(1) Consumer testing on 543 women.(2) 1.7 oz./50ml bottle.



*Source: The NPD Group, Inc./U.S. Prestige Beauty Total Department/Specialty,Skincare sản phẩm Layer Unit Sales, 12 months ending June 2021.