Behind the scene "moonlight drawn by clouds" teaser


Hahaha~ I really can’t with these two. I think they will be the new Kim Soo Hyun và his sidekick enunch, Jung Eun Pyo, from The Moon that Embraces the Sun—where their bromance may outshine the real OTP, hahaha.

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And there we have it—the long awaited official first teaser of Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. It isn’t as I expected though, because none of what we saw at Gwanghwamun is included in this clip. So what was all that in front of Gwanghwamun? Is it really just a flash mob for promoting the drama? But KBS was really filming it. Either way, I think it has worked its magic & created more exposure for the drama internationally & nationally, since Gwanghwamun is a tourist attraction area.


I still can’t get over this ingenius idea, & thanks to lớn it, I get to lớn see Bo Gum dance. So much fun và so unexpected of him, too. However, I am a little bit worried of the characterisation of our Prince Hyomyeong now, LOL. Where is that supremely cold prince I kept reading about from fans who has read the novel? I am not seeing it in this teaser, all I see is this funky-gangster prince in sunnies with cheeky smiles khiêu vũ to Bomba.

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Official First Teaser

The teaser is pretty straight forward; nothing is revealed yet, so it really is just teasing us for now. It ended with the guards taking Eunuch Jang away for ‘bum-bumping’ his royal highness’ butt onto the ground, và Park Bo Gum as Prince Hyomyeong gives us all a big cheeky wink before he walks away.

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It feels a bit random because the scene then jumps khổng lồ a rather sad Prince Hyomyeong with tears in his eyes. Great emoting there already, Bo Gum-ah. & split seconds next, we get a really short glimpse of Kim Yoo Jung as our Hong Ra On in eunuch attire. AHHHHHHH~~ that’s it. That’s all we have for today! " />" />" />

Cute video of Bo Gum và Yoo Jung

But fear not. Sidus HQ, Yoo Jung’s agency release this dễ thương little đoạn clip for us next. So cute. The supposedly onscreen couple isn’t even interacting, but by seeing them smiling khổng lồ the camera has already made me go all mushy in the stomach. How am I going to survive when they hit us with two-hour filled of cuteness & beautifulness each week soon? Ottokaeeeee?

Want more of uri dancing Bogummy? Here’s another đoạn clip released by KBS View.

Behind the Scene of Flash Mob


Hopefully in the second teaser, we will have more little Yoo Jung và other casts, but it is always a matter of time that soon we’ll see more & more when the time of premiere draws near. We’ll probably wish they hadn’t shown us so much spoilers by then. I can’t wait for the day they have their press conference because I kept wondering if the casts will appear in Joseon attire và if they will all be performing Bomba, or made lớn perform Bomba. Hehehe.