Pediakid® vitamine d3


Pediakid vitamin D3 20 ml bio sale in our pharmacy. C omplément food which contributes khổng lồ the absorption of calcium & phosphorus, maintaining bones & teeth, and immune function.

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PEDIAKID vi-ta-min D3 20ML

Pediakid description of vi-ta-min D3 20 ml

Pediakid trăng tròn ml vitamin D3 is a dietary supplement that helps the growth and strengthening of bones of the child. The syrup helps with vi-ta-min D3 100% natural lớn absorb calcium và phosphorus that attaches to lớn bone & thus solidifies joints and teeth. It also contributes to lớn good muscle và immune functioning.

Its aroma to the natural strawberries facilitate decision PEDIAKID syrup khổng lồ the child.

Directions for use of vi-ta-min D3 Pediakid trăng tròn ml

Shake before use Pediakid vi-ta-min D3. 5 drops once daily. Can be swallowed pure or mixed with a semi-liquid food, preferably cold (yogurt sauce).

The plug can be morning, afternoon or evening.

Cure 1 lớn 3 months, renewable. Suitable for infants & young children.

Pediakid composition of vitamin D3 20 ml

Oleic Sunflower Oil, deodorized, Strawberry Flavour Natural, Antioxidant: Natural vi-ta-min E, vitamin D3 extracted from natural lanolin.

Precaution of use

After opening, store the syrup in the refrigerator.

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Seek advice from a health professional when used in combination with a vitamin D-containing treatment or with milk supplemented with vitamin D.

Keep out of the reach of children, away from heat and light.

To consume as part of a varied and balanced diet & a healthy lifestyle.

It is recommended not to exceed the recommended dosage.

Consume preferably before the date indicated on the package.

Pediakid Introducing vitamin D3 20ml

Drop bottle of 20 ml.

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In winter, it is difficult for the toàn thân to synthesize vi-ta-min D, which can lead khổng lồ many health problems (depression, poor absorption of calcium & phosphate, increase in autoimmune diseases, etc.)Insufficient exposure to lớn sunlight predisposes khổng lồ vitamin D deficiency. Deficiency induces disturbances in bone mineralization, leading to lớn rickets in children và osteomalacia in adults and may contribute to osteoporosis. It is therefore advisable to bởi two cures per year: At the beginning of autumn & at the beginning of spring.What is vi-ta-min D?Vitamin D or calciferol is fat soluble. It is also a hooc môn found in food và synthesized in the human toàn thân from a derivative of cholesterol under...