Cannot Zoom In

THIS SECTION IS RELEVANT ONLY FOR USERS HAVING PURCHASED THE ULTIMATE EDITION OF xạ thủ ELITE 3Thank you for purchasing sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition!This definitive version of the trò chơi includes all the improvements & tweaks added since launch, in addition to lớn brand new singleplayer, co-op & multiplayer content released through updates. To đứng top that off, you’ve got a selection of the best downloadable nội dung the store has khổng lồ offer already included on the disc. We recommend that you to go visit the store and kiểm tra for new content frequently. Please pay special attention not to lớn purchase again any of the items already included in the Ultimate Edition of xạ thủ Elite 3, as all sales are final và there are no refunds. Extra nội dung ‘Save Churchill’ chiến dịch missions (playable in singleplayer or co-op):Save Churchill Part 1: In ShadowsSave Churchill Part 2: Belly Of The BeastSave Churchill Part 3: Confrontation6 Weapon Packs (18 new weapons in total)Hunter WeaponsCamouflage WeaponsPatriot WeaponsAxis WeaponsEastern Front WeaponsSniper Rifles Weapons Updated content:6 new competitive multiplayer maps (Airstrip, Lost Valley, Outpost Canyon, Plantation, Night Watch, Fracture)New competitive multiplayer mode (Capture The Flag)New co-op Overwatch bản đồ (Twilight Strike)New singleplayer mode (Shooting Range)Where can you find the new content?The ‘Save Churchill’ campaign missions can be found in the “Campaign -> Downloaded Missions” menu.The new weapons can be directly equipped from the “Loadout”. The new co-op Overwatch mission, Twilight Strike, can be accessed from “Challenges” in the main menu.The new competitive multiplayer maps và modes can be accessed from the “Multiplayer” in the main menu.The Shooting Range can be found directly on the main menu. A yellow exclamation mark will indicate you have new content. All of these items are unlocked from the start. DOWNLOADABLE CONTENTAlthough you now own a large selection of downloadable nội dung with this edition of the game, there are still additional items you can purchase from the Xbox Store.

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Main menu (1/2)

Controller Layout
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Radial Menu

Objective/Map (Hold)

Scope (Hold)/Aim (Half Press)

Sprint (Press)


Previous Item/Zoom In

Select xạ thủ Rifle

Next Item/Zoom Out

Cycle Secondary Weapons



Use Inventory Item

Pick up toàn thân (hold)



Reload/Pick Up Items

Look/Toggle Binoculars (Press)

The year is 1942. Most of Europe has been crushed under the Axis boot. Allied supply lines for food & raw materials are crippled. The Suez Canal is a lifeline for the Allies, making the war for North Africa crucial. As the front line swings across the Western Desert, secret plans are being hatched in Berlin for wunderwaffe, wonder weapons, that could change the face of the war. Step into the shoes of Karl Fairburne as he finds himself in the middle of the fight, with one chance khổng lồ prevent total annihilation. One bullet can change history.

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The home of the story campaign, playable in single-player or co-op with a friend. When playing on your own, select New trò chơi to start from the beginning or Continue trò chơi to carry on from your last checkpoint. Alternatively, choose Load game to resume a saved game or Mission Select to lớn return to lớn a previously completed mission. Choose Co-op campaign to play through the story with a friend online or revisit a completed mission. Any additional campaign levels you purchase from the Xbox Live Marketplace can be found in downloadable missions.

Play a series of co-op focused challenge missions with players online. Use the complementary skills of a Sniper and an Operative in Overwatch or team up with another sniper in Survival to face the wrath of the Axis army. If you want a further kiểm tra of your skills, try Solo Survival & square off against the Axis forces without a buddy.
Main menu (2/2)

Competitive Multiplayer
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For some real competition, take on the world alone or as part of a team. Choose Quick Match to lớn play a mode of your choice or host a private game to phối up fights just the way you like it.
Customize và save up to lớn 4 loadouts with different weapons & items. As you play & earn XP, you’ll unlock new items, weapons và rifle parts to help you tweak và fine-tune your ideal sniping experience. Unlocked rifle parts include actions, barrels, stocks & scopes. Try different combinations to modify: Damage - Damage done by each non-critical shot. Muzzle velocity - The velocity of bullets fired. Higher velocities will be less affected by gravity and wind. Recoil - The recoil following each shot. Stability - The amount of sway while looking through the scope. Maximum Zoom - The maximum zoom cấp độ of the attached scope. Some scopes may only offer one zoom level.