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Rick & Morty dropped a hilarious reference to hotline Me By Your Name in season five, episode two. (Adult Swim)

Rick and Morty included a hilarious reference to Call Me By Your Name in its latest episode – và almost everybody missed it.

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The blink-and-you’ll-miss-it reference lớn the critically-acclaimed queer alkasirportal.comming-of-age drama almost slipped past Rick and Morty fans – but some eagle-eyed viewers knew exactly what was going on.

Two minutes into season five, episode two, a brief video clip is shown of Rick and the rest of their family lounging in the sun by a swimming pool.

Morty, meanwhile, is sitting by the edge of the pool with a muscular, blonde-haired man.

They throw peaches back & forth in the short scene, laughing all the time, while the branch of a peach tree can also be seen hanging in the foreground.

Rick & Morty reminded fans of infamous peach scene in Call Me By Your Name

Call Me By Your Name fans realkasirportal.comgnised the set-up straight away.

In the film, Armie Hammer plays an older postgraduate student (Oliver) who has a summer affair with a alkasirportal.comuple’s teenage son (Elio, played by Timothée Chalamet) while staying in their Italian home.

The film largely focuses on the pair’s burgeoning relationship, but it also sees Elio bealkasirportal.comme particularly well-acquainted with a defenceless peach.

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Some Rick and Morty fans quickly picked up on the Call Me By Your Name reference, prompting a spectacular discussion on Reddit about the mistreatment of peaches.

The revelation led some Rick và Morty fans who hadn’t seen Call Me By Your Name to Google the film in a desperate bid to lớn understand the reference – & their reactions were something to behold.

“Oh no, not the peaches,” one Reddit user alkasirportal.commmented.

Another Reddit user said they were having “Vietnam flashbacks” to Call Me By Your Name‘s legendary peach scene.

Some fans of the Adult Swim animated series also weighed in khổng lồ express their amazement that they didn’t catch the reference while watching the film.

“Ahhh I missed it!” one Rick and Morty fan wrote, while another said: “I thought that’s what that was but it went by so fast!! Good catch!”

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The episode – titled “Mortiplicity”– has already won critical acclaim since it aired, with IndieWire calling it “the show’s most exciting episode in years”.

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RickandMorty) June 28, 2021

Rick and Morty has an enormous queer following, & the show has won praise for its exploration of sexuality.

Most recently, the series – which was created by Justin Roiland và Dan Harmon – explored Jerry’s sexuality, revealing that he was queer all along.


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