If you are about to lớn visit Hanoi for a few days, it is very likely that you will reside somewhere near Hoan Kiem Lake. The lake is considered the center of Hanoi, not only physically but also symbolically. In fact, the more you spend time learning about the lake, the more special it becomes.

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The tale goes that Le Loi King came across a shining metal bar when he visited his friend. It turned out that his friend caught the bar in one of his attempts for fish. The King asked for the bar, brought it trang chủ and moulded it into a sword. All of a sudden, there was two words printed on the sword “Thuan Thien” (harmonious with heaven).

Le Loi then understood that the sword was a gift from heaven. He used it for the battle against the war with a neighbouring country. At the beginning of 1428, when peace prevailed, on one of his trip to lớn the Thuy quan (now Hoan Kiem) Lake, there was a tortoise rising above water & shouting: “Please return the sword to the long King”. Without hesitation, the King threw the sword to the lake. The tortoise took the sword & dove down the water. From then on, Thuy quan tiền became Hoan Kiem lake.

About the lake

The lake is not only special in her history. The water màu sắc of Hoan Kiem Lake is not commonly found in other lakes elsewhere in the country: greenish, with dark or light shade depending on the reflection of the sky. The lake is full of tortoise, which is second to lớn none to lớn be found among Vietnamese lakes. If you are lucky, you will catch sight of these giant animals rising out of water. & because tortoise is considered a sacred animal in Vietnam’s culture (along with dragon, phoenix and unicorn), Hoan Kiem Lake then become a holy place that nurtures tortoise.

Before and even after Hanoi’s massive expansion in 2009, Hoan Kiem lake is still a pride of all Hanoians & the center for any distance measurement. Nowadays, it’s still a gathering place yet new Hanoians may live too far khổng lồ count their distance to lớn the lake. Still, as you walk by, you will be able to lớn witness the pace of life in this peculiar city.

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If you can wake up early in the morning, at about 5 a.m., you will see lines and lines of oldies và teenagers doing anything from yoga to lớn tai-chi to lớn aerobics (read Our Blog on early morning exercises in Hanoi). It looks as if the whole đô thị was up và running for morning exercise. They work out in group or by themselves, with or without equipment. In the course of one of the high profiled meetings in Hanoi, an Australian prime minister also joined the early jogging around the lake.


In the afternoon to lớn the South over you can see a matrix of motorbikes twisting along the lake. Blending in is a gang of “cyclo” – the famous three-wheeled carriers that take tourists with cameras handy around. To the North kết thúc where the old quarters lies, an influx of colourful clothes và shoes will dazzle you, together with the smell of trees và coffees.

When darkness takes over, you can see couples holding hands walking side by side along the lake, trying to lớn breathe in the breeze of summer night or keep warmth against the winter cold. If you have time & really want to lớn observe Hanoi’s life, sit down on one of the stone bench, enjoy the view và have a good talk with some local friends over an ice-cream cone.

How khổng lồ get there

Hoan Kiem Lake is centrally located & minutes walking from Hanoi’s Old Quarter, where most hotels gather. From Noi Bai Airport, it takes about 40 minutes to lớn get here. If you stay in West Lake area, just take Yen Phu Road khổng lồ reach the Old Quarter và head east lớn Hoan Kiem Lake.