My little old boy


Jessi và Kim Jong Kook’s mother hit it off on the latest episode of “My Ugly Duckling”!

On the September 27 broadcast of the SBS variety show, Jessi made a guest appearance as a special MC. After the MCs introduced Jessi to lớn the panel of celebrity moms, Kim Jong Kook’s mother excitedly mentioned that she had met her once before.

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“Years ago, we met at a hair salon,” said Kim Jong Kook’s mom, praising the singer for her friendly và respectful manner. “Back then, I didn’t know who Jessi was, but she immediately got up to lớn greet me, asking me, ‘You’re Jong Kook’s mother, right?"”

Jessi went on to lớn heap praise on Kim Jong Kook, revealing, “I know Jong Kook really well, and he’s such a perfect guy. Jong Kook is the type of guy I like. He’s very manly, & he doesn’t care too much about his appearance. That’s the kind of guy I like.”

However, Jessi added that he does have one fatal flaw. “All he does is work out,” she lamented. Seo Jang Hoon pointed out that Kim Jong Kook had said he might be willing khổng lồ cut back on his thể hình time if he found someone he liked, but Jessi disagreed, explaining, “He’s been working out lượt thích that for over đôi mươi years now. By now, it’s a habit .”

“But in terms of appearance and personality, he’s totally my type,” she continued.

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Seo Jang Hoon then asked Kim Jong Kook’s mom what she thought of Jessi as a daughter-in-law, to lớn which she happily replied, “I’d be thrilled !”

Later on in the show, Jessi and the panelists talked about a key similarity between her & Kim Jong Kook: their inability khổng lồ throw anything away. Kim Jong Kook’s mom shared, “He even has stuff from đôi mươi years ago,” và Jessi replied, “I’m the same way. Even if people tell me, ‘Throw this away already; it’s broken,’ I somehow can’t bring myself to bởi vì it.”

Jessi và Kim Jong Kook also turned out lớn be similar in terms of their frugality. “I’ll take home any snacks that are available in the dressing room,” said Jessi. “I just feel like it’s a waste not to. If there are tissues, I’ll take those trang chủ too.” Seo Jang Hoon commented, “You have a lot in common with Jong Kook,” & Kim Jong Kook’s mom confirmed that her son was exactly like that as well.

Jessi remarked, “Jong Kook is such a kind person. I bet he’s an obedient son và listens to his mom, right? But people who are too similar shouldn’t date each other.”

However, when the MCs later asked her to lớn name the cast thành viên she’d marry if she was forced lớn make a choice, Jessi still chose Kim Jong Kook. “If I’m taking looks into consideration, Kim Jong Kook,” she replied. “Because I can also converse with him in English. But I don’t think I’d want to lớn actually date him in real life.”

Still, she added with a laugh, “But don’t you think that if Jong Kook và I had a baby together, it would be pretty?” Everyone on set immediately cracked up, with Kim Jong Kook’s mom laughing so hard that she actually had lớn wipe away her tears as she nodded in agreement.